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  • Retail Workshops

    New! Retail Workshops

    Posted: 5/10/2023
    Hosting workshops is an excellent way to engage with your customers, build a community around your store, increase brand loyalty, and generate revenue. Learn more about why you should consider hosting workshops if you are not already, as well as tips to ensure success.

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  • Retailer Radar Blog

    New! Retail Radar

    Posted: 4/27/2023
    Shopping by trending search terms can be a useful strategy for businesses to capitalize on current market trends. Currently trending in our searches are candles, napkins, pillows, beach, and lemon. Learn more about why these are trending and shop featured products for each trend story.

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  • In-Store Summer Events

    New! In-Store Summer Events

    Posted: 3/29/2023
    Hosting in-store events can be a valuable strategy for businesses.

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