Brighten Your Sales: Candle Retail Tips

With U.S. retail sales of candles and candle products estimated at $3.14 billion annually, candles are a consumable product that ensures customers will return regularly for their favorite scents. Candles are popular and versatile, making excellent additions to any retail store and consistently topping keyword searches on our website. They appeal to all ages and serve purposes such as aromatherapy, relaxation, and decoration. Affordable and available in a range of prices, candles are attractive luxury items and highly appreciated gifts for various occasions by both men and women. Their ease of display allows for creative arrangements by color, scent, or style, attracting customers with eye-catching presentations. Additionally, candles complement products like bath and body items, home décor, or apparel, creating themed displays that can boost sales.

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Candle purchasers view candles as appropriate gifts for various occasions:


Housewarming gifts

Hostess & dinner party gifts

Thank you gifts

Adult birthday gifts

Preparing for Candle Season

Consumer trends focus on home décor and enhancing personal spaces. Candles add character and depth to home environments, with the added benefit of easily switching scents.

Fun Fact: There are 10 million smell receptors in the average person’s nose, making fragrance perception unique to each individual. Retailers must pay great attention to the candle category to capture their share of this $3 billion annual business. As a consumable product, shoppers will return regularly for their favorite fragrances, giving you a chance to snag add-on sales of other goods.


Key Times for Stocking Up

July and August are key months to plan and order stock. Plan each segment of the season separately – Fall, Holiday, and Everyday. Consider a large order for late August to fill your candle department, followed by multiple orders with varied ship dates to keep your assortment fully stocked with top-selling fragrances.

Half of all candle sales occur in the 4th quarter

making it crucial for retailers to have appropriate fragrances and enough inventory.

Buying Guide: Seasonal Fragrance

Fall Fragrances

Embrace the essence of autumn with warm, spicy, and comforting scents like cinnamon, clove, and pumpkin, perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere.

Holiday Fragrances

Capture the magic of the season with festive fragrances featuring evergreen, cinnamon, vanilla, and gingerbread, evoking joyful holiday memories.

Holiday Gift Sets

Everyday Fragrances

Opt for clean, floral, and subtle scents like lavender, jasmine, and linen to create a serene and inviting environment for daily use.

Create a scent experience with our selection of brands offering candles in an array of sizes, fragrances, and vessels.

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Key Takeaways for Candle Success

  • Order Early: Ensure you have plenty of inventory for the fall season kickoff, with additional orders throughout the season and holidays.
  • Stock Year-Round: Keep everyday fragrance displays well-stocked for gifting needs.
  • Create Seasonal Displays: Feature unique fall and holiday fragrances prominently in the 4th quarter.
  • Attention to Detail: Meticulous inventory management builds customer trust and positions you as a reliable source for all their gifting and home fragrance needs.

By implementing these strategies, retailers can maximize their sales potential and meet customer needs effectively. Candles remain a retail staple due to their versatility, affordability, and wide appeal, making them a must-have product for any store.