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  • Textiles Buying Guide

    New! Buying Guide: Home Textiles

    Posted: 3/23/2023
    Our homes should be a unique showcase of our personal style, and our fabric choices not only help our interiors feel more soft, cocooning and comfortable, they are the perfect way to make a stylish impact with the very latest trends.

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  • Mother's Day Gift Guide

    New! Mother's Day Gift Guide

    Posted: 3/9/2023
    Mother’s Day is the third largest retail holiday in the US, with approximately 84% of U.S. adults expected to celebrate. “Consumers are eager to find memorable ways to honor their mothers and other important women in their lives and are willing to spend a little extra on this sentimental holiday,” said Matthew Shaw, president and CEO of National Retail Federation.

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  • Memorable Merchandise

    New! Memorable Merchandising

    Posted: 3/2/2023
    Visual merchandising is a crucial aspect of any boutiques business. Our merchandising tips will help retailers create an attractive and engaging shopping experience that will attract and retain customers.

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