Home Fragrance Trends

Industry fragrance expert and founder of LAFCO, Jon Bresler, joins us to discuss home fragrance trends and predictions for the future of home fragrance.


U.S retail sales of candle products are estimated at approximately $3.14 billion annually. (Source Mintel, 2013).

Bresler also shares general advice to retailers about the home fragrance industry in order to help them be successful.

1. Know your Customers

Separate what you like from what your customers like. People often suffer from buying things that they like as opposed to things their customers are going to like. It is extremely important, especially in home fragrance, to think of who your customer is and if they would like specific fragrances.

2. Offer Options

It is important for retailers in the home fragrance market to carry multiple brands at different price points. Not only does this offer something for everyone, it also helps train customers noses tell the difference in scents and quality across various price points.


“I find very specifically in the home fragrance market and the candle market, there are customers who really appreciate that when they spend more money, they get a higher quality fragrance product. And then there are customers who just refuse to believe that.”

- Jon Bresler


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