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Creative Selling


Customers can buy now and shop later


A fun way for you to learn more about your loyal customers


A great way to generate repeat business


Allow customers to connect with loved ones while social distancing


Products that customers can purchase and make at home


Use social media to highlight a deal


E-Commerce Tips


12 E-Commerce Tips for Small Businesses

Enjoy these 12 E-Commerce tips for small businesses from our in-house expert, Ruth Grigson. Ruth is an Ivystone Rep in Illinois, who ran her own retail store and website for 12 years before joining the Ivystone team!

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Thank you Ruth for sharing your tips and this success story! 

Social Media Tips


Being consistent will help you stay top of mind with your customers



Are an effective way to get more eyes and engagement on your posts


Are an additional way to share more content with engaged customers


Ask a customer with a decent following to tag you and your store in a post


Ask customers who purchased to give you a shout out online and tag you


We have creative ideas below to help you plan a Live session


  • - Host a cooking or cocktail demonstration, share the recipe, and highlight featured products available at your store.
  • - Assemble a Mother’s Day gift basket. Mother’s Day is fast approaching (May 10th). Showcase the perfect Mother’s Day gifts at various price points.
  • - Host a coffee or tea break. Take a moment to connect with customers and give any updates about shipping or new products. If you carry coffee, tea, and/or mugs make sure to highlight those products during your coffee/tea break.
  • - Have a virtual plant party. Do you offer pots or indoor gardening products? Indoor gardening is becoming more popular as people are looking for new ways to connect with their surroundings.
  • - Be creative! Some other ideas we love include date night at home ideas, home styling tips, and self-care tips such as a wellness routine or yoga.


Local News

Karen Green, an Ivystone Rep in New York, connected with several local media stations to ask about featuring small businesses in their upcoming programing.

A local news station has since put up a form on their website called “Who’s Open” where people can submit information about a business in their community that is staying open and making a difference.

Reach out to your local media stations and let them know the creative ways you are continuing to engage with your community. This is a great way to help expand your reach!

  • - Reach out to local TV Stations
  • - Reach out to local Radio Stations
  • - Reach out to your local Newspaper
Great idea Karen. Thank you for this wonderful tip! 


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