When to Invest in Social Advertising

Join Ivystone and Regan Jackson from the Digital Boutique Co. for this informative webinar recording that shares tips on when to invest in social advertising for maximum impact.

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Are You Ready for Social Advertising?

Running ads on Facebook and Instagram seems like it should be a simple task. But many store owners find themselves daunted by the options, confused by how to connect tools to see results properly, and unsure of how much to spend. Whether you choose to plunge in to social advertising on your own, or opt for the help of a professional agency such as Digital Boutique Co, Regan offers us key items that you need to have in place long before you publish your first ad.

Store Branding

Is your brand consistent across all your platforms? Think about your website, Facebook, Instagram, and any other social profiles. Will the experience a shopper has on your site feel like the same welcoming feeling they would have in your store? Is your photography consistent - and your own?

Who is Your Ideal Customer?

A deep understanding of who your typical shopper is will go a long ways towards driving your success in advertising, and save you money in the experimentation process as you hone your ads.


Do you have a Facebook pixel installed on your website? How about Google Analytics? If you can't measure your success before starting an ad, how will you know if the ads are working or not?

Define Your Goals

Are you looking for more foot traffic in your brick and mortar store on a daily basis, trying to increase attendees to a store event, or looking for increased sales on your website? You can't meet a goal you haven't established.

Be Ready to Invest

Ads are a long term commitment, and require proper funding. Gone are the days of $500 per month budgets for Facebook Ads - and be ready to spend the first couple of months experimenting to find the right mix of creative, copy, and audience targeting.

Once you have these key elements resolved, then you can begin the process of building success via social media advertising for your store!

Meet the Speaker

Regan Jackson, Digital Boutique Co.

Regan is a dynamic professional with a passion for educating boutique store owners. She brings a wealth of store experience and expertise to her role as Manager at Digital Boutique Co. Since joining the company in 2017, Regan has consistently demonstrated her ability to drive results and foster team success.

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