Using Instagram to Market your Store

Instagram Marketing

Instagram Stories

Make liberal use of Instagram Stories! Instagram stories allow you to be more informal with your aesthetic, as stories are more spontaneous and less curated. You can create a few permanent stories to display on your profile, highlighting things you really want your customers and potential customers to see.

Hashtag it Up

Unlike Facebook, you can go wild with hashtags on Instagram. Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags, and if you choose them well, you can boost engagement and reach a wider audience. Rather than putting the hashtags right into the caption, post your picture without hashtags and immediately comment them. This looks cleaner than putting the hashtags in the caption and still gives you the benefit of adding them to the post.

Curate your Visual Content

Your Instagram posts should be anything but random. Create a clear brand aesthetic so when people visit your profile, they get a quick idea of who your brand is.