On the Social Scene

Social media started as a way for people to connect and communicate with friends and family. However, as it became more and more popular, businesses recognized that it was a great opportunity to interact with their target audience!

Social media consumption significantly increased in last year. In fact, 79 percent of Americans have a social media profile!

We’ve compiled a few tips to help you stay top of mind with your customers:


Being consistent will help you stay top of mind



Are an effective way to get more eyes and engagement on your posts


Are an additional way to share more content with engaged customers


Ask a customer with a decent following to tag you and your store in a post


Ask customers who purchased to give you a shout out online and tag you


Recently there has been a 40% increase in livestream views. Stay tuned for creative ideas on going live!

Going Live on social media has been a tool that many small retailers have used to continuously connect with customers. Doing Live sales weekly can help boost sales!