Go Casual in Social Videos

In many cases, the best way to market your merchandise is to show it in action. This is easily doable in-store where shoppers can touch and feel products or even try them on. However, when marketing online, you need to get more creative with your visuals.

While video content has a certain expectation to be high quality, the surge of TikTok and popularity of Reels have allowed brands to let their hair down a bit. Our prediction is that even more retailers will catch on to the positive brand vibes that are generated through a more laidback social media approach.

A collection of live videos and regularly recorded videos will be your best bet!


Make It Relatable

Start by featuring people who look like your target customers. If you are targeting middle-aged moms, for example, then you’ll want to feature that persona in your content.

The Right Platform

Determine the best platform for your videos. What social media platform does your target audience prefer? That answer will inform your video strategy. From there, you can determine the length of your videos, themes, and effects you’ll incorporate into the content.


Go Live

An extension of this video trend is live streams, which will remain popular.. According to Facebook, you generally will see 6 times the interaction and engagement with a live video. People engage by asking question, so you can show them you’re not just a brand by interacting with them during and after your live video. Going live is an inexpensive option to stay connected with consumers and foster more meaningful relationships.