Facebook Tips for Retailers

The use of Facebook has become part of most people’s daily routine. We don’t even notice it anymore. Undeniably, Facebook connects more people than any other company has in the past, and businesses know this too. Millions of businesses around the world rely on Facebook to connect with people.

However, Facebook’s News Feed prioritizes content from friends, family, and groups, so business pages have to fight a little harder to get exposure. Here are some tips to help your content be seen.


Start a Facebook Group

Think of your Facebook Group as a club or community where your most engaged customers can congregate. While you can talk about your products and business, the primary purpose of having a Facebook Group is to connect with each other.



Run Facebook Ads

If a Facebook Group doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, or if you are looking for even more brand visibility on Facebook, then you may want to run a Facebook ad. Facebook ad’s let you target your ideal audience through a series of robust targeting questions.


Keep it Simple

On Facebook you will want to pare down your copy. Your target word count should be around 111 characters. Similarly, don’t overuse hashtags. Try to work them into your copy, and limit yourself to one or two per post.


Post Videos

Facebook is becoming increasingly video-oriented. For the best user experience, upload your video content directly to Facebook. This will also make your videos appear in more feeds. 85% of Facebook video watchers actually prefer watching videos without sound, so we recommend adding closed captioning to your videos.