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Thymes EBI 2024

Thymes Holiday 2024

Let Thymes set the tone this season with festive offerings that will spark joy and enhance your customers' homes. From festive tablescapes to cooking your favorite family meal, we want to help create that heart-warming scene. Our cherished seasonal fragrances are perfect to enjoy or gift throughout the cold-weather months.

Program runs now through May 31st. Extended through Wednesday, June 12th. Contact your sales representative for more information.


Fall Freight Promotion

Receive Free Freight on orders $850+ of:
Pumpkin Laurel
Simmered Cider
Bath & Body Giftables
that ship between July 15th – July 28th.

Holiday Freight Promotion

$1250+ Receive Free Freight
$2000+ Receive Free Freight & 1 Free Tester
$3000+ Receive Free Freight & 2 Free Testers
$6000+ Receive Free Freight & 4 Free Testers
FREE Freight Shipping Windows: July 29th to October 6th

Complete Holiday Early Buy program details are available here
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Pumpkin Laurel Collection

Pumpkin Laurel™

Let moments of nostalgia fill your home as fall spices of nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove blend with creamy pumpkin and sweet orange peel, creating a fresh take on a classic mix of sweet and spice.
Nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, creamy pumpkin, and sweet orange peel.

New Pumpkin Laurel


Simmered Cider Collection

Simmered Cider®

A blend of freshly pressed apples mulled with crushed clove, cardamom, hints of bourbon and malted rum create a cozy, fragrant experience straight from the kitchen.
Freshly pressed apples, clove, cardamom, bourbon.


Gingerbread Collection

Gingerbread Collection

Cardamom, crystallized ginger, vanilla, fresh-ground cinnamon.

Gingerbread Collection


Highland Frost™

A refreshing winter haven in the comfort of your home.
Sage, eucalyptus, moss, cypress needles, amber.

Highland Frost Collection


Frasier Fir Flocked Collection

Frasier Fir® Flocked Collection

A timeless fragrance now wrapped in beautifully flocked ackaging. This collection brings the elegance of fresh fallen snow indoors with an experience reminiscent of your favorite snow frosted memories.
Siberian fir, cedarwood, sandalwood


Frasier Fir Home Fragrance Collection

Frasier Fir® Heritage Home Fragrance

Like the grandest trees of a winter forest, Frasier Fir® continues to stand out as the iconic fragrance for the season. The aromatic snap of crisp Siberian fir needles, heartening cedarwood and relaxing sandalwood create a refreshing just-cut forest fragrance that brings the great outdoors in. Cherished memories and traditions are wrapped in this quintessential holiday fragrance.
Siberian fir, cedarwood, sandalwood.


Frasier Fir Heritage Home Collection

Frasier Fir® Heritage Home Care

Our carefully crafted home care products are made with essential oils, nutrient-rich botanicals, and safe, biodegradable ingredients, creating a welcoming environment for all to relax and enjoy.
Siberian fir, cedarwood, sandalwood.


Frosted Plaid®

Siberian fir, cedarwood, sandalwood.

Frosted Plaid Collection


Frasier Fir® Gilded

Share even more glistening elegance for the holiday season.
Siberian fir, cedarwood, sandalwood.

Gilded Collection


Statement Collection

Frasier Fir® Statement

Luxury and sophisitcation for the home and gifting.
Siberian fir, cedarwood, sandalwood.


Thymes® Home + Pura

The NEW PURA 4 smart home fragrance diffuser uses innovative smart features paired with premium, clean scents to give you the most modern, customized, and high-end scenting experience possible.

Pura Collection

Pura Smart Features


Giftables by Thymes® Bath & Body

Thoughtfully designed, beautifully packaged complementary sets of duos and trios.

Home Fragrance Gift Sets

Fragrance Duos

Hand Creme Trio Collection

Hand Creme Trios

Travel Sets with Beauty Bag


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