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New for 2022

Welcome to the new year with Michel Design Works. We have added bushels of florals including the Deborah’s Garden collection, an homage to our founder Deborah Michel and her love of gardening and all things floral. We are also introducing our “Classics” line of customer-favorite scents from the past reintroduced with a new twist— perfect for bath & body and home fragrance. And speaking of home fragrance, our new Scented Cloche Candles are not only beautiful to look at, they also have fabulous fragrances such as Birthday Buttercream not found in our other collections!

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Foaming Body Wash

Turn an ordinary shower into a glorious spa! Our new Foaming Body Wash combines gentle cleansers with shea butter and aloe vera, plus a luxurious scent from our array of fabulous fragrances. A few pumps in your hand or on a washcloth create a rich, foaming lather that leaves your skin soft and moisturized.


Travel Foaming Hand Soap

Formulated with shea butter and aloe vera to gently cleanse and moisturize, our Travel Foaming Hand Soap is the perfect companion whether you fly, drive, or walk. Fits in your palm or your purse.


The Museum Collection Foaming Hand Soaps

Who wouldn’t love to have a Renoir in their powder room? Or a Monet in the guest bath? Well now your customers may choose from an elite group of six of the most famous artists ever to pick up a brush. Cezanne, Seurat, Manet, and Van Gogh round out the offerings. Our Foaming Hand Soap contains shea butter and aloe vera for gentle cleansing and moisturizing.

Museum Collection Scent: Clean linen.


Deborah’s Garden

A tribute to the stunning gardens grown by Deborah Michel, this design features showy blossoms in a dramatic palette of pinks and purples.

Deborah's Garden Scent: Heady floral notes of jasmine and cyclamen with base notes of cedarwood and cashmere.


Birds & Butterflies

Youth and whimsy go hand in hand in this sweet collection of winged friends-with a charming polka dot border!

Birds & Butterflies Scent: Acacia flowers sweetened with plum and vanilla with just a squeeze of citrus.


The Meadow

Take a walk in a serene country meadow through blankets of wildflowers in full bloom. The soft blue sky brings out the lush, painterly flowers of the meadow.

The Meadow Scent: Floral meadow after a storm with heather, cyclamen, and mimosa.


Paisley & Plaid

We bring you the perfect pairing of a fashion-forward paisley combined with a red, white, and blue plaid. This collection has both a floral feel and a very current edge.

Paisley & Plaid Scent: The freshness of linen with powdery floral undertones of violet, carnation, and lily of the valley.


Cloche Candles

Scented Cloche Candles

A cloche is a bell-shaped covering, and it is just one feature of what makes our Scented Cloche Candles so alluring. Just lift the cloche and the aroma is released. These soy-blend candles have a strong throw and come in a joyous array of designs and fragrances.

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Room Fresh Spray

Room Fresh contains a blend of our exclusive fragrances and proprietary odor neutralizers, creating an exceptional eliminator of unwanted scents. Safe for use around children and pets when used as directed. A few spritzes is all it takes. Made in America.


Earl Grey Tea

These great fragrances from past collections were just too good not to be reintroduced in our bath & body and home fragrance categories.

Earl Grey Tea Scent: Soothing tea with bergamot, a squeeze of lemon,and a dash of clove


Fresh Avocado

These great fragrances from past collections were just too good not to be reintroduced in our bath & body and home fragrance categories.

Fresh Avocado Scent: Creamy avocado with hints of cucumber, mimosa, and just a drop of vanilla.


Pink Grapefruit

These great fragrances from past collections were just too good not to be reintroduced in our bath & body and home fragrance categories.

Pink Grapefruit Scent: Ripe and juicy pink grapefruit with notes of grapefruit zest, lime, magnolia, and musk.


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