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Our Moonshadow collection celebrates earthy colours, raw textures, handcrafted methods, and the natural appeal of eco-friendly materials, such as wood, clay, glass, and stone.

The colours are overwhelmingly natural and neutral, and the mood is soothing, comforting, calm, and inviting - just what we need for 2022.



Golden Hour

As if glowing under soft, summer evening light, the Golden Hour collection is youthful, energetic, and warm. Sunny state colours of melon, mango sorbet, soft neutrals, deep sea coral, and natural greens exude an optimistic mood.

The collection expresses feelings of joy and creativity, playfulness, and a general sense of wellness. Patterns and motifs are directed by nature - ditsy botanical prints, long grasses, ferns, and meadow florals repeat on textiles, ceramics, wooden accents, and more.



First Light

Light, bright, and full of possibility, our First Light collection was designed around a feeling of escapism – fleeing the everyday for that vacation feeling, warmer atmospheres, sunnier hemispheres, and the smell of the Mediterranean sea.

The collection is bright and airy, yet still warm. Calming blues evoke feelings of peace, tranquility, and comfort, and citrus yellows and teal greens refresh the classic blue and white coastal palette.




With spring comes the promise of new life, fresh growth and the natural desire to cultivate the earth and sprout new stems. One of the most popular trends in interior design is decorating with indoor plants in interesting vessels. Houseplants add brightness and colour to homes, they freshen the air, and they bring comfort and calm by connecting us to nature.

This spring season, Indaba is introducing many pots, planters, and baskets that elevate your indoor plants and make decorative statements wherever they’re placed.