From Canvas to Candle: The Diverse Range of Anne Neilson Products

Anne Neilson

Discover the world of Anne Neilson Home through our insightful Q&A with Anne, tailored specifically for retailers. From selecting the perfect pieces for your store to creating captivating displays, exploring the brand's evolution will help you uncover the deep connection between art, faith, and aspiration within Anne Neilson Home's essence. Join us as we look ahead to exciting innovations and expansions, promising retailers a journey filled with creativity and inspiration.

For retailers considering carrying Anne Neilson products, what advice do you have for them in terms of selecting the right pieces for their stores?

Anne Neilson Home began with the idea that everyone should have access to the Angels that so many people began to recognize and feel a special connection with Angels in Our Midst was the start of it all and shares my journey of creating the Angel series over 20 years ago, and the incredible stories of hope, encouragement and joy.

If retailers are considering carrying our products and don't know where to start, our first coffee table book is a great choice. I like to tell people you can even tear out the pages and have your own print! Our inspirational products are also a customer favorite – from our assortment of scripture cards, to 100 Days of Scripture and 100 Days of Gratitude – there’s a message for everyone.

Anne Neilson

How can retailers effectively merchandise Anne Neilson products to create an engaging and visually appealing display?

The great thing about our products is that a lot of pieces complement each other and can be bundled together to create a beautiful and cohesive story. We try to showcase this at Market so customers can see, for example, how we bundle our napkins, trays, matches and candles, wrapped up in a pretty bow, to create the ultimate entertaining package or gift.

We also sell acrylic frames and stands that are great for highlighting our products through our marketing materials we offer to retailers, as well as the product itself. Most of our retailers will purchase our 5x5 acrylic frames and a set of scripture cards, break open one box of cards, and display the card in the frame with an Angel on one side and scripture on the other, selling it as an individual “grab and go” gift.

Anne Neilson products are not just items; they tell a story. How can retailers effectively communicate these stories to enhance customer engagement?

Each Angel or piece of work, whether it be the color palette, name, or accompanying scripture, may resonate differently depending on the person. Many people see an Angel on one particular product, and want it on something else they are looking for. I think the best way to effectively communicate the stories and really engage with the customer is to showcase our products together in one setting, and almost let their story speak for itself.

This is a big reason why we are starting to build out our collections. Our Hopeful Collection, designed around a praying Angel with vibrant colors of blue, orange, yellow and pink, evokes the feeling of hope and its message can be found across multiple products – from scripture cards with different verses displaying hope in the Bible, to notecards where you can write well wishes, to acrylic trays designed to illuminate your home. Showcasing a complete set can help amplify the beauty of the artwork, and encourages customers to collect them all.

Anne Neilson

Anne Neilson

What served as the driving inspiration behind the creation of Anne Neilson Home?

When I painted my first angel over 20 years ago and sent the image to my sister asking for her advice, her comment was “You have found your voice.” Over the last 20 years, this has become my life song. I paint to praise and worship music and when I am staring at a blank canvas, I allow the Holy Spirit to move out through my soul of worship and onto the blank canvas creating these ethereal beings.

The angels have become a ministry to many, and the reason behind creating Anne Neilson Home. We wanted to offer high-end products that deliver faith with a flourish, and so we created art & lifestyle products that provide one-of-a-kind beauty and quality.

Could you shed some light on how the brand has transformed over the years and any pivotal moments that led to these changes?

Anne Neilson Home has grown tremendously over the past 11 years! My first book, Angels in Our Midst, was released in 2013 after receiving an outpouring of messages from people who were moved by the artwork, who shared their stories of how the angels inspired hope and love, and I felt called to make the angels accessible to continue ministering to others.

Shortly after the release of Angels in Our Midst, I sent a copy to Kathie Lee Gifford, who was a co-host on the TODAY Show at the time. When she held up the book on live TV, our website crashed with orders coming in from all over the country. We were overwhelmed and amazed by the response, and Kathie Lee urged me to “be ready” as this was just the beginning.

A few months later we decided to try the wholesale industry and showed in our first Atlanta Gift Mart as part of the temporaries. We received so much love and excitement for the angels and stories found within the pages of the book and were thrilled when stores started to request more products. Pretty soon we were coming out with a candle line, journals, notecards, and even designing Kathie Lee’s Christmas card one year, and Anne Neilson Home was born!

As we continued to grow, we realized we needed more support for our retailers, so we decided to partner with Ivystone. Our partnership with Ivystone has been one of the most pivotal moments for Anne Neilson Home, allowing us to expand our business, and connect with people from all over the country - even the world!

Art, faith, and aspiration to inspire others through art seem to be interwoven aspects of Anne Neilson Home. Could you elaborate on the connection between these elements within the brand’s essence?

My faith intertwines with my art, whether it's through painting ethereal angels or my bird series. My goal is to create a powerful narrative that resonates with individuals on multiple levels:

Connection on an artistic level through brushstroke and color

Connection on a meaningful level through hope in our world

Connection on an individual level through personal and creative growth

This holistic approach can foster a deep and meaningful connection between our brand and our clients, which positions Anne Neilson Home as a source of inspiration, enlightenment, and artistic fulfillment.

Personal experiences and beliefs can play a big role in artistic choices. How do these influences manifest in the diverse range of Anne Neilson products available? Are there any specific product examples that highlight this connection?

Overall, personal experiences and beliefs infuse Anne Neilson Home products with authenticity, purpose, and emotional resonance. They contribute to a diverse range of artistic choices, allowing individuals to find products that align with their own values and connect with them on a personal level. This creates a richer and more meaningful experience for the consumers, fostering a sense of shared understanding and appreciation for the artistry behind the brand.

I have countless emails and stories of how our products have ministered to our customers.  Our best-selling product, which is our scripture card line, continues to be a favorite among our customers. We hear stories of how consumers use these cards, angel on the front and encouragement on the back, to minister to others they come in contact with.

Looking ahead, what can retailers look forward to from Anne Neilson Home?

We are constantly brainstorming, designing, and creating new products we believe our retailers and customers will be excited about. This past year, we expanded Anne Neilson Home with our new LITTLES line for children, and received so much enthusiasm about the new offerings. We are ecstatic to introduce even more children’s products and new collections – experimenting with new materials and artistic designs – as well as expanding our much-loved Holiday line.