Live from Dallas: Fashion is Back


As we slowly, but surely, progress past a year filled with zoom meetings and staying in sweatpants all day, we think it is safe to say that consumers are ready for a change. 2022 is all about transitioning to new things and being bold. Elevated comfort and everyday athleisure are trends you are probably already familiar with from 2021, but continue to be finessed by brands.

The concept of ‘dopamine dressing’ is a theory that wearing certain colors can elevate one’s mood. While it is widely considered a fashion legend, given that it is not backed by any science – fuchsias, citrus oranges, and electric blues (including this year’s color of the year very peri) are worth keeping an eye on as they look to be top contenders for color choices this year.

If you are ready for some fashion newness there is plenty to dig into right now.

Fashion Forward Finds

Consuela (Veronica Classic)

Consuela Veronica Classic

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Mer-Sea (Endless Summer Dress)

Mer-Sea Endless Summer Dress

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Capri Blue (Watery Mood Parfum)

Capri Blue Watery Mood Parfum

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Corkcicle (Series A Periwinkle)

Corkcicle Series A Periwinkle

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Hadley Wren (Headband)

Hadley Wren Headband

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Ivory Ella (Bracelets)

Ivory Ella Bracelets

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Spartina 449

Spartina 449 Gabrielle Midi Dress

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Purse N

Purse N’ Ultra Jewelry Case

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