Summer Style Essentials

Ready, Set, Summer!

Weddings, travel, and social gatherings are filling up our social calendars once again and our social reemergence will make for a very stylish start to summer. The vibe shift has officially arrived: shoppers are seeking fun and optimistic fashion. Our style guide highlights 7 summer essentials, that while simple, do not lack personality. These goods are casual, everyday items that can easily go from breakfast to the beach. In addition, we’ve highlighted several merchandising tips.

We anticipate that summer 2022 will be a great season for shopping!


1. Be Beach Bold

Step into vacation mode with apparel that flaunts effortless casual. Super comfortable, breezy, yet stylish, kimonos are the perfect addition to any summer wardrobe. The kimono is one of the easiest and most versatile pieces you can own. Simply slip a kimono over your shoulders when heading from the pool to the patio bar or layer it over a tank on a weekend hang out with friends.

Merchandising Tip:

Instead of merchandising all kimonos together, consider adding 1-2 styles into smaller vignettes to tell a story. Kimonos are a great one-size-fits-most apparel product to add throughout your store. Telling a beach story? Add a few bright colored kimonos, sunglasses, stylish coozies, etc. Focusing on summer fashion? Consider adding black or bright solid kimonos with shorts, tanks, and summer hats. Telling a bridal story? Add in a few white kimonos to bridal drinkware and keepsake displays.

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2. Luxury Sunscreen… that works!

The past year has brought an increased focus on health and wellness. We see this trend continuing into summer. Consumers have become more conscientious about the products we are applying to our skin, and sunscreen is no exception. The CDC tells us that skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the U.S - and it is also one of the most preventable forms of cancer. SunStyles by SnappyScreen is one of the only clear continuous spray sunscreens that is alcohol-free, oxybenzone-free, quick drying, and does not stain any type of clothing. Available in 15, 30, and 40 SPF, SunStyle is formulated with clean ingredients that protect against breakouts, is family friendly, reef-safe, and environmentally friendly.

Merchandising Tip:

The way that consumers shop has changed, from a largely product-focused activity to one that puts a higher emphasis on the overall experience. One vital tool in your arsenal is the cash wrap. Since SnappyScreen offers touchless hand sanitizers along with their sunscreen, use your cash wrap space to display one of the sanitizer units so shoppers can try it - and then be sure to have the entire assortment nearby for purchase! Not only is the touchless hand sanitizer one of Oprah's Favorite Things from 2021, all of the SnappyScreen products make easy add-on sales for any customer.

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3. It's not about the bag... it's where you take it!

Make a splash when you arrive at the water's edge with the perfect beach bag! With half of the U.S adults now fully vaccinated, the travel industry is expecting a surge in so-called “vaxications” this summer. According to tracking data from Tripadvisor, popular beach destinations like Florida and Mexico will likely be top spots for vacationing as the weather gets warmer. Beach bags are a great alternative to backpacks. A large tote will help ensure your trip is uninterrupted by keeping all your essentials within reach. Consuela offers a wide range of silhouettes with different colors and designs. For summer travel, we particularly love their Jumbo Bags. These bags carry summer essentials with ease and fold flat for easy storage.

Merchandising Tip:

Consider using a Consuela Jumbo Bag as part of your window display. These bags are full of the fun and optimistic fashion consumers are seeking. Use a bag to hold a few beach towels and a pair of sunglasses to showcase your store as a destination for all their summer style needs.

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4. Sunny Skies Ahead

Protect your eyes with sunglasses. Whether you are after a new pair of sunnies for your next vacation, or you just need a new staple pair to get through the summer months, jumping onto the latest sunglasses trends will keep you looking fashionable all season long. Blue Gem Sunglasses offers a full range of eco-friendly sunglasses including natural bamboo and wood frames, and all of their sunglasses provide 100% UVA and UVB protection. Although often considered optional, sunglasses provide a significant aesthetic detail that completes our outfits.

Merchandising Tip:

Make sure your sunglasses station is a success by adding an easily accessible, quality mirror for customers to use. This enhances the customer experience – making it easy for them to try on multiple styles to find their perfect pair. Blue Gem Sunglasses also offer displays and easy reordering packages that come with a mirror right in the display!

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5. Stay Cool

Corkcicle will elevate your summer sips. With the warmer weather officially upon us, Corkcicle is celebrating the new season with eye-catching summer drinkware that is perfect to bring along for any adventure. These vibrant options will keep your beverage of choice at the right temperature all summer long to hydrate you on hot, sunny days.

Alongside the lineup of vibrant merchandise, Corkcicle has a cool selection of barware options. 2022 will be an exciting year for cocktail culture and creativity at your home bar. Mocktails and drinks with low alcoholic percentages are also a big trend as people are becoming more health-conscious. From ice buckets, to arcticians, to new stemless glass sets – Corkcicle has something for every home bar enthusiast, no matter what your drink of choice may be.

Merchandising Tip:

Merchandise by Corkcicle by collection and color flow (light to dark from left to right) to keep your presentation looking full yet clean. If combining silhouettes in the same column, place shortest to tallest from front to back Ensure shorter styles are not blocked by taller styles, and if needed, use risers to ensure all styles are visible. An assortment of Corkcicle drinkware, coolers, and barware will prepare anyone for a day at the beach or poolside.

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6. The Ultimate Towel

For most beach-goers, long days spent in the water also include some leisure time relaxing in the sand. While laying back in the sand is enjoyable, having it stuck all over your body and clothes when it is time to head home is no fun. That’s where a beach towel comes in. While some may be tempted to just grab their favorite bath towel and head out, it is important to note that bath towels and beach towels are not created equally. Dock & Bay beach towels are the superior choice for a fun day in the sun.

What makes Dock & Bay the ultimate towel? These towels dry 3 times faster than a standard cotton towel, and are sand free, compact, light, super absorbent, and won’t collect damp smells. They also include an elastic hook making it easy to hang and a handy pouch to keep your towel and travel accessories in one place, and comes in large and extra-large sizes.

Merchandising Tip:

Dock & Bay’s towels come in colorful pouches, making them easy to display on pegs, on tabletops, or even in baskets. We also recommend having one of each size available out of the pouch so customers can see the difference in towel sizes, as well as feel them.

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7. Family Fun in the Sun

A warm, sunny day spent at the beach is a treat – no matter what your age. And beach toys add an extra dose of entertainment to any trip. Stephen Joseph's whimsical beach totes are already packed with things to play with – five exciting tools for building the perfect sandcastles. Children will be so happy digging, sifting and making shapes in the sand, Mom might even get a chance to sunbathe in peace.

Merchandising Tip:

Consider featuring beach toys in a window display. Start with your larger items - chairs, beach towels, sun umbrellas and then use smaller items to finish the look. Kinetic sand is a great alternative to adding real sand (and much easier for cleanup). Then use Stephen Joseph toys to create castles or other fun looks in the sand. Leave the beach tote on a chair and the toys visible in the sand.

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