Home Textile Trends

Textiles offer inspiration for decorating and re-decorating rooms and outdoor living spaces, creating a unique, comfortable, and stylish atmosphere. Consumers can easily embrace the spirit of any season by changing out the types of textiles they are using. In the spring and summer months, enjoy the cool luxury of a linen throws, and in the fall and winter months, up any room’s cozy factor with a stack of wool blankets or velvet pillows. Regardless of the season or type of textile, a focus on comfort is key.

Types of Home Textiles

bedding throws.jpg
Bedding & Throws

indoor outdoor pillows
Indoor/Outdoor Pillows

table linens
Table Linens


wall art
Wall Art
(tapestries, antique textiles, or even rugs)

window treatments
Window Treatments

Why Textiles Matter

72% of consumers say one thing they value more now than they did pre-pandemic is a comfortable home, and textiles go a long way toward helping set the mood of a space. While textiles may seem like simple accessories or final touch elements, they can actually have a major impact on the overall feel of a room. A rug or a throw pillow can even serve as inspiration for a space, providing a color palette from which to build the room. Able to be utilized in endless combinations, they can help make any home feel warm and personal.

Even as inflation is causing prices to rise, home decorating is not slowing down. As consumers continue to adapt to whatever their “new normal” may be, many are still placing a focus on updating their homes and re-purposing different spaces. In fact, 46 percent of consumers plan to decorate this year, according to a 2022 Houzz & Home Study Renovations Trend report. We see customers gravitating toward textiles, candles, and wall art as simple ways to change a space. And it is often the smallest details that make the biggest difference!

Textile Trends

Home textile shopping behavior is still influenced by the pandemic, and the desire to decorate in ways that promotes balance, presence, support, and enduring joy. The coming year’s trends are all about an optimistic, forward-looking approach to creating desirable, personalized atmospheres at home.

People still want things to feel special, even if they are at home.

“We are on an intentional journey to experience beautiful, living color as we evolve,” said Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. “Our connection to the earth, fondest memories and future hopes are what will influence our global outlook in the months to come. These influences affect our commercial spaces as much as they do our homes.”

Trending Characteristics

  • Earth Inspired Colors: Rich Earth Tones, Natural Clays, Sunbaked Sands
  • Restful Neutrals
  • Powdery Pastels
  • Tone on Tone
  • Comfortable & Relaxed Enzyme Washes
  • Frayed Edges
  • Sustainable

Cotton Incorporated’s Global 2021 Sustainability survey found that 55% of consumers said they consider sustainability when making home textiles purchases, up from 45% in 2017. In the same survey, 42% of respondents said they planned to buy more home textiles in the next couple of months.

Style Trends

Extremely on-trend is the concept of layering, specifically the layered bed and loose casual table settings. Both are an easy way to add visual interest to a space is by using pieces in a variety of textures. Mix and match different textures or layer them together to create a sense of contrast. Both the layered bed and loose casual table settings embrace the more is more philosophy. Below are some style tips to create each look.

layered bed.jpg

Layered Bed


Textural layers


Mixed patterns


Layered pillows in multiple sizes


Layered throws at the end of the bed

Loose Casual Table Settings

Loose Casual Table Settings


Informal settings


Artisanal pieces


Table runners, placemats, napkins


Mixed textures: linen, seagrass, jute, cotton

Displaying Complimentary Comforts

There are a million textile product types and colors you could bring in when deciding to stock home textiles in your store. Knowing your customer base and what is trending will help you narrow down your selection and tell compelling textile stories. Consider the style trends of a layered bed and a loose casual table setting and how those stories pair with other product you offer. Do you sell loungewear or sleepwear? If so, a styled bed with pillows and throws could build on that story and offer a wider selection of product to your customers. Do you sell dinnerware or food gifts? A styled table with linens could add to the visual interest and elevate your entertaining story – especially as we enter the fourth quarter. As you are merchandising your store to include home textiles, zone in on the stories you are telling with existing products and expand your product offerings with types and colors that are complimentary to what your customers are already purchasing.