3 Product Trends for Outdoor Entertaining


Tip 1: Casual Dishes & Glassware

Gathering together is not just fun... it matters. We all love that special feeling we get when we sit down together at a pretty table looking forward to enjoying wonderful food, drinks, and great company, made special by great looking serverware. Don’t add to your plate by setting out breakable dishes. Instead opt for a quality melamine that looks great, while still being functional and safe.


Tip 2: Sippin Pretty

The at-home mixology movement continues to be strong in 2021. Consumers have grown more accustom to bar-quality cocktails in the comfort of their own home. Shaken or stirred, drink mixers are an easy way to get your party going. From Moscow mules to margaritas to espresso martinis, you can create a variety of thirst-quenching cocktails and mocktails with just the addition of liquor or seltzer.


Tip 3: Less Mess, Less Stress

When we host a get-together, we’d all like to spend more time with our guests and less time cleaning up. Disposable pans are convenient but significantly lacking in the presentation department. Fancy Panz helps dress up your disposable pan, but keeps clean up a breeze. Allowing everyone to spend more time with family and friends and less time cleaning up!