Fall Home & Lifestyle Trends

Monica Loving, Ivystone VP, discusses home trends that will continue to be hot for the rest of 2021.


Trend 1: Biophilic Design

Have you ever surrendered to nature’s tranquility in the search of relaxation? Biophilic Design is a trend that infuses natural elements into the built environment – from plants to pictures. If done right, the design triggers a strong positive impact on our health and well-being.

Trend 2: Opulence

We once again are back to opulence (mixed metals that shine). Various shades of gold exude luxury without feeling stuffy. We also see an increase of opulence in natural inspired shapes.

Trend 3: Earthy Textures

Look to see consumers incorporating a lot of the colors you typically see in minimalism. We see colors like white, cream, beige, rust, grey, sage, and of course blue, but layered in with multiple textures. Think a bedroom or living room that combines multiple materials (jute, oak, linen, etc.) creating interesting textures throughout the space.

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