7 Ivystone Brands Featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things 2022

She’s made her list & we’ve checked it twice! Oprah Winfrey’s annual Favorite Things list was released for 2022, selecting 104 gifts spanning multiple categories. According to OprahDaily.com, this year’s gift guide celebrates small businesses, including family-run, local maker, BIPOC – and woman-founded operations.

This year’s Oprah’s Favorite Things list categorizes the products into stylish, book, cozy, kitchen, beauty, children’s, wellness, home, and food gifts. Each item includes a quote from Oprah describing the benefits of the item and why consumers should purchase it for themselves or others.

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Softies Heathered Marshmallow Lounger

Voted Oprah’s favorite, year after year. Softies’ exquisite, luxurious loungewear has made Oprah’s Favorite Things for six consecutive years! The Marshmallow Crew Neck Lounger with Pockets surrounds you in softness and redefines comfort and coziness! This below-the-knee lounger features luxe, two-tone plush fabric that envelops you with lightweight warmth. Soft to the touch with functional pockets, you’ll be reaching for this piece day and night, all season long.

“When Gayle saw this, she immediately said, ‘I’m definitely getting this—the gray one and the blue one!’ I live in Softies, and this ultra-soft lounger (it’s called Marshmallow fabric for a reason) works as well for running errands with some boots as it does for a cozy night in with a pair of snuggly socks.”

– Oprah

Warmies Heatable Stuffed Animals


These Warmies are Oprah’s 2022 favorites. The only thing that replaces Warmies are….more Warmies! Warmies are fully microwavable stuffed animals that provide hours of soothing warmth and comfort. Scented with real dried French lavender and perfectly weighted to aid sleep, ease anxiety, and provide ultimate relaxation. Best of all, kids and parents alike find them irresistibly cute. It is almost impossible to choose just one!

“Here’s a soothing gift for the young and not-so-young. Pop one of these stuffed animals into the microwave to warm it up, then cuddle its weighted body and inhale the scent of lavender. They’re great for stress or tummy aches.”

– Oprah

1pt Cocktail Infusion Master Kit

One Part Co

The best way to make great cocktails! All-natural One Part Infusion Blends replace fussy cocktail mixers and make it easy for anyone to craft delicious bar-quality cocktails right at home. No mixologist required! The kit includes 7 different all-natural Cocktail Infusion Blends (Citrus, Mint, Floral, Chili, Cinnamon, Chocolate, and Smokey) and high-quality borosilicate lab-glass Infusion Bottle. Each infusion batch makes 6+ delicious cocktails (42+ total).

“At my house, we often infuse vodka or tequila with ingredients from my garden for fun cocktails. This company, founded by husband-and-wife entrepreneurs, makes it easy for you to make your own. The set comes with an infusion bottle and seven different infusion packets in flavors like smoky, citrus, and more. You just mix one with your spirit of choice, let it sit for a few hours, and it’s ready to go.”

– Oprah

Casafina Living

Casafina Oak Baguette Board with Bread Knife

The slice is right. Enhance your time in the kitchen with style, versatility, and timeless beauty of oak serving pieces. It takes a stainless-steel serrated knife, then pairs it with an Oak Wood board that tells you exactly where to cut. Handcrafted in Portugal, this Oak Wood Baguette Board includes a bread knife and features an attractive design with rustic warmth.

“Lay a baguette on this board, and the notches tell you exactly where to cut for even slices. I’d put this out next to a nice creamy Brie, so guests can take a piece of bread and slather it with cheese. It’d also be great for a family-style meal.”

– Oprah

Sophistiplate Acacia Wood Féte Set Charcuterie Tray


Add sophistication to your gathering with a beautiful and modern shaped Acacia wood board and ceramic snack dishes. Get creative with various and endless serving arrangements with the movable and washable ceramic dishes. The tray set comes with 4 ceramic serving dishes, the small rectangle ones are 3.5" x 2.5" x 1" and the flat fridge tray is 6" x 8"! Personalize your own monogram right on the board!

“Put this perfect charcuterie tray out for a party, and you’ll get lots of oohs and aahs. The board is made from acacia wood and has the word gather carved into it. Use the larger ceramic plate for cheeses and the smaller dishes for things like olives, nuts, and fruit”

– Oprah

Savannah Bee Company Queen Bee Body Butter Gift Set

Savannah Bee Company

The perfect gift set for the Royal Jelly Body Butter lover. Great for smoothing skin and lifting spirits. The Queen Bee Gift Set includes a jar in every variety.

“These decadently creamy body butters are hard to beat. They’re so easy to apply and contain shea butter, cocoa butter, and royal jelly to hydrate, strengthen, and protect skin—including extra- rough spots. Original is scented with blackberry and rose; Rosemary Lavender is calming; and Chamomile & Myrrh and Tupelo Honey are extra gentle for sensitive skin. Split them among you and your friends.”

– Oprah

Dock and Bay Reusable Makeup Removers

Dock and Bay

Just add water to remove your makeup. Suitable for all skin types. Each set arrives in its own box, so they are perfect for gift-giving. Made from 100% recycled materials, they’re washable and reusable, so you could save up to 500 single use makeup wipes from being wasted.

“If you, like me, have ruined a few towels from washing off makeup, then you need these eco-friendly, reusable makeup removers. Wet one with water, swipe, then place it in the included bag and toss in the wash.”

– Oprah

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