Candles Just Make Scents!

Give the gift of fragrance this year! Did you know that approximately 35% of candle sales occur during the Christmas/Holiday season? (National Candle Association, 2020).

The holidays are a time to create memories with those that are closest to you, whether in-person or virtually this year. Smells have a stronger link to memory and emotion than any of the other senses, making candles the perfect gift! In fact, both men and women consider candles to be an always-acceptable and highly appreciated gift for a wide variety of occasions! (National Candle Association, 2020)

Gifts and Decorative Accessories Senior Editor, Alex Herring recently said that “Consumers are eager for products to help them decompress and promote mental wellness. With their sooth­ing scents and aesthetically pleasing vessels, candles are sure to be a popular choice!” 

Nothing sets the mood better than a cozy holiday fragrance. Easily shop a variety of styles and fragrances from our candle category!

Stonewall Home Candles

Stonewall Home – Cashmere

Envelope yourself in this ultra-cozy, comforting fragrance. Like your favorite cashmere sweater, it’s warm and inviting, weaving together scents of sheer leather and pure mineral water with citrusy notes from Amalfi lemons and bergamot oranges. Luxurious yet grounding, these candles instantly elevate any space.


Lafco New York - Feu De Bois

The mesmerizing light of the flames and rhythmic crackling of the blaze create a warm ambience. Fresh pine falls on curls of sandalwood and rare Virginia cedarwood. Smoky leather accords, frankincense, and nuances of vanilla are tranquil and comforting.


Firefly Candles

Firefly Candle –Sea Salt & Oak

Our Botany Collection is simply fresh & airy, featuring beautifully colored glass and offering pops of color to liven up any room. This candle brings the great Sea Salt and Oak fragrance to any space.



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