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Chillpod - 25qt Gloss Rose Quartz


Availability: QOH_258
Description: Stay and play a while with Corkcicle Chillpod™ — the head-turning, high-performing rotomolded Cooler made for leisure maximalists. Whether you're hitting the beach, taking the boat out, or tailgating before the game, Corkcicle Chillpod™ has you covered with all the good-time essentials. We're talking a roomy 25 qt capacity for up to 32 cans, non-slip top that functions wonderfully as a table, and a triple-threat storage divider/cutting board/bottle opener. Looking to extend your vacation? Corkcicle Chillpod™ keeps ice for multiple days so you can keep the good times flowing.
UPC: 810040317606
Min: 1
Multi: 1