Safety First

Ivystone is committed to safety practices that help protect our staff, our reps, our retailers, and our community. 


Face masks are required at all times
Cover nose and mouth
Additional masks are available upon request

Maintain Distance

Maintain social distance of 6ft
Do not shake hands or have physical contact with others

Hand Washing

Wash hands frequently
Before and after touching product or other items
Hand sanitizer stations are located throughout the showroom
Use bathrooms’ soap & water – cleanse for 20+ seconds, as necessary


Clean & sanitize frequently
All technology equipment, iPads, pens, etc.
All high-touch surfaces in accordance with CDC guidelines


Touchless ordering and self-service
No signatures required on orders; all copies will be emailed
Options for sanitary self-service and self-paced ordering are offered


Patience, courtesy, respect, and professionalism all day

Ivystone’s cleaning procedures follow CDC guidelines. Occupancy limits are posted throughout the showroom.