2020 Fall Trends

Introducing our 2020 Trend Book!

Ivystone’s Trend Book is produced bi-annually and highlights new and best-selling products. This fall we are focusing on these key trends:

1. Essentials
Following proper hygiene procedures and using PPE are the best bet to help keep you healthy. With some preparation, you can help shield yourself from germs. From hand sanitizer and soaps to face masks and hands-free door opener key chains, 2020 has redefined PPE products!

2. Home for the Holidays
As we look ahead to the winter holiday season, we anticipate many consumers staying closer to home. Whether your time is spent by the fire, baking cookies, or decorating the tree, we’ve featured some festive finds to help kickstart the holiday season.

3. The Great Indoors 
Embrace the “new normal”. These featured products showcase how consumers can get the most out of their homes as we all shift towards a more “homebody” lifestyle. Plants, candles, soft furnishings, and loungewear are at the forefront of this trend.

4. Home Chef 
Cooking, baking, and craft cocktails are all the rage this year as we make the most out of dining in. An everyday activity has transformed into a special ritual. From pantry staples to tableware, product featured in this trend will inspire customers to redesign their mealtime.

5. Mood-Boosting 
Small moments can make someone’s day! Words of encouragement and phrases that reference optimism resonate with consumers as we make the most out of how life has been different in 2020. Colorful assortments filled with mood-boosting hues energize and uplift consumers.

6. Backyard Bliss 
Create the perfect balance of style, fun, and functionality! Outdoor spaces should feel like an extension of your interior. Staying closer to home this summer has meant stepping up how we entertain at home, both inside and out.

7. Refresh & Rejuvenate 
The importance of self-care is one of the biggest trends this year! Doing something for yourself on a regular basis is important for your mental and physical health. We’ve seen a large shift of self-care products that help promote establishing and improving smaller, everyday habits at home!

We also are introducing 2 new features in our 2020 Trend Book! Any vendor that is featured in the Trend Book that is also on Ivystone.com has a Shop Now button that links customers to that specific brand page. We also introduce IVTV and will be updating the trend book with IVTV buttons that will link to our exclusive videos for various brands!