The Shelfie: Your Store's Story in One Shot

Not Just for Storage...

A shelf is a universal staple in any building. We have all used them for storage or for housing books, and for displaying rows of product in our stores – but they are capable of so much more. Hence, the rise of The Shelfie.

What's a Shelfie?

An array of items on a shelf might be one of the most effective ways to merchandise a variety of products at once and share decorating ideas with a customer. Cleverly, many merchandisers have deemed this The Shelfie because a complete shelf is able to be photographed so nicely for our Instagram world. Think of it as a selfie, but for your store!

Creating Your Shelfie

The first rule of shelfie creation is that there are no rules! Pick a shelf in your store in a high traffic area – or in a lower-traffic corner that you’d like to draw more attention to – and then get creative. Shelfies can be large or small, and you can change them out quickly and frequently depending on how well each combination of merchandise performs.

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Keys to a Great Shelfie:

  • Mix textures, patterns, heights, and product types
  • Incorporate existing best sellers with brand new items
  • Play with color schemes – try full on color matching, or go for a more coordinated scheme
  • Include signage that helps shoppers find the individual items on display wherever they live in the store
  • Just like a selfie, the right angle on a shelfie can make all the difference – be sure to evaluate its appearance from all angles a shopper might view it

Great Groupings: Ideas to Spark Your Shelfie

  • Cozy Home Décor: pillows, blankets, candle holders, vases, baskets
  • Delightful Dinnerware: trays, drinkware, pitchers, dishes, baskets, floral arrangements
  • Amazing Accessories: purses, scarves, jewelry, sunglasses, makeup bags, trinket trays
  • Baby & Kids: blankets, plush, books, drinkware
  • Foods: Group by meal type with food and tableware
    • Cocktail Craze: drink mixes, pitchers, cups, snacks
    • Breakfast: coffee, mugs, pancake mixes, syrups, jams
    • Charcuterie: boards, nuts, wine glasses, cheese markers, jams, cookbooks

Shelfies are Meant to be Shared

Showcasing products for any retailer is important. Shelfies create a natural opportunity for you to encapsulate the story you are trying to tell in your store, and then share that story on your social media channels, in your emails, and on your website.

Your shelfie is a great place to express your store’s personality and uniqueness. And at the end of the day, displaying products on shelves in a way that allows shoppers to envision the scene in their own home might just motivate them to purchase a few more pieces than they intended.