Trends, Statistics & 2022 Predictions

Each year Gifts & Decorative Accessories conducts an online consumer survey about gift products and home decorating. The results explore consumer opinions on buying, owning, and giving products in main categories in the industry. They filter results by generation as well as household income. The results are then analyzed by Strategic Insights before being published in their October 2022 Gift Book.

Our team has reviewed the survey results and excited to share with you some of the trends we predict for 2022 based on the data as well as continuing consumer trends.

Health and well-being have become a significant focus in everyday life, and retail, over the past 18 months. Besides the increased use of soap, hand sanitizer, and masks, people are devoting more time, and more money, into looking after themselves. Home, fashion, and fragrance have all been influenced by our “at home” culture and we predict this will stay an important trend in 2022 as consumers overall attitudes toward gift shopping have shifted to a more comfortable position.



Decorative accents are the most popular home furnishing category consumers plan to purchase over the next year, followed closely by soft home accessories, think pillows, throws, and rugs. Given our more “at home” culture this is no surprise. Decorative accents are a quick and easy way to change up the feeling of a room without shopping for all new furniture. Consumers were also polled in the survey to describe their home decorating style in 2021. Almost 80% of consumers described their home décor style as “Casual Comfort”. In fact, over 70% of millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers described their décor style as Casual Comfort. While decorating for Casual Comfort may look different from generation to generation, it is an important call-out that as a whole we are seeing consumers embrace creating more everyday livable spaces in their homes.



The accessories market is booming! In the next 12 months consumers plan to buy earrings more than any other kind of jewelry from a gift store. With our embraced “Zoom Culture” earrings are an easy way to look put together…. even if you have leggings and slippers on. The other statistic we found very interesting in the fashion category is that among Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers, over 20% of all consumers expect to spend $100-$149 on a handbag. As many start to return to the office, we see large bags continuing to be a trend. People will need bags large enough for their laptops, water bottles, lunch, wallet, keys, etc. Consumers expect to pay for something stylish and practical.




Almost 73% of consumers say they are likely to purchase a candle in the next year, making this the most popular home-fragrance product. Out of all three generations, millennials are willing to spend the most on a home-fragrance product. Millennials are also nearly twice as likely to prefer herbal scents than Baby Boomers. That being said, floral/botanical scents will be the most popular types of candle fragrance consumers purchase in the coming year.