How to Be Successful with Food

You do not have to be a food store to sell food - and you can make a lot of money selling the right food products and brands for your store. Here's why:


Food is a Moderate Priced Consumable

Like candles and soap, the right products will keep your consumers coming back for more – Buy, Serve, Repeat.


Food is part of the Home Entertaining Trend

People are seeking to up their entertaining game with simple, quality, great tasting foods.


Food is Giftable

Food is the perfect gift – by itself or complimenting another item.

Food for Thought

Not sure how to get started? Here are a few tips on what types of food to sell, trending seasonal food items, how to merchandise food and more.


Mouth-Watering Offerings

Having a range of food products and brands to meet the tastes of your consumers is important. Pick themes or pairings that fit your store's overall direction to get started. Focused on outdoor decor and gardening? Start with a grilling section. Gifts more your thing? Sweet and savory condiments make for great additions to gift baskets. And don't forget to to think of your food offering as it relates to cross-merchandising with other brands for really big wins. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Sweet Condiments

Chocolate & Carmel Sauce
Jams and Jellies

Savory Accents

Bacon Jam


Cookie Mixes
Cake Mixes
Brownie Mixes

Candy and Chocolates


Easy Meals

Pasta and Sauce
Pancake Mix and Syrup
Queso and Chips


Barbecue Sauces
Rubbing Spices


Hot Chocolate

Taste the Seasons

Food is a reason to gather no matter what the season, but there are key times of year that can bring more focus to what goes on the table or in to a gift basket. Shifting the types of food items sold in your store throughout the year can keep your displays fresh, encourage shoppers to keep coming back for new ideas, and create a steady flow of sales.



  • Halloween: Candy, Cookies, Pumpkin Cake or Bread
  • Thanksgiving: Chutney, Breads, Jams
  • Christmas: Jams, Cookies, Breads, Cocktails
  • Valentine’s Day: Chocolate, Chocolate Sauce
  • Patriotic Summer Holidays: Grilling, Bar Mixes, Snacks

Year-Round Occasions:

  • Summer - Grilling and easy outdoor snacking
  • Fall - Tailgating, local harvest festivals, and anything apple, pumpkin, cinnamon, or maple
  • Christmas: Jams, Cookies, Breads, Cocktails
  • Winter - Warm beverages, National Pancake Day on Feb 16, hot breakfast items
  • Spring - Candies, Salad dressings, Herb-growing kits

Create Delectable Displays

Many retailers consider food a strong enough (and year-round enough) category that it merits a "department" of its own – similar to a candle department, card section, or jewelry area. Create a display that will catch the eye and encourage purchase through wall hutches or other large fixtures that provide height and backdrop to create an inviting scene, paired with outposts of key collections or seasonal items on small round tables or other creative displays.

Don't forget to cross merchandise throughout your store – bring in seasonally related items to build interest and combo purchases:

  • Baking mixes with kitchen utensils, aprons, and pretty dessert plates
  • Popcorn with movie theme items
  • Honey, tea and 'Get Well Soon' greeting cards
  • Chocolate sauce for Valentine’s Day
  • Snack foods with serving trays and dishes
  • Cocktail mixes with barware and napkins

Find Your Foodies

Once you've got your food goods in-stock and delightfully displayed, don't forget to spread the word! Social media live events on your platform of choice showcasing product offerings, recipes to try, and gifting examples are a great way to entice shoppers to come on in and see your selection for themselves. In-store tasting events, or the addition of featured snacks or beverages to an already-scheduled store event, are fantastic ways to entice shoppers already coming through your doors, and can be managed with proper cleanliness and safety measures. Regardless of how you promote, food sales make a great addition to any store product mix.


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