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Communication with friends and loved ones has changed a lot over the past year. Those changes have taken a product set that has been at retail for some time now and turned it into a hot trend. Monica Loving, Vice President of Vendor Development here at Ivystone, shares:

 There is a new buzz word in the industry and that buzz word is Direct Messaging Gifts.  

More than ever, your shoppers are looking for gifts that really convey their true sentiments about the recipient. Direct Messaging Gifts are just that. Whether they are looking for something sweet or sassy, and whether it be a sign, a wine glass, a tea towel, or an apron, these are all goods with a written message on them that convey the giver’s feelings. According to Loving, “I think the world is missing the human voice, and sometimes the message of these gifts just fills in the blank a little bit.”

  • Monica Loving

  • Monica Loving

How to Incorporate Direct Messaging Gifts

The holiday gift-giving season is upon us, making it the perfect time to add this category into your store’s product assortment. Direct Messaging Gifts do not need to be limited to traditional gifting themes, and can also be easily merchandised into already established themes in your store. Adding a sentiment, either spiritual, sweet, or sassy, can add to the overall feeling of a vignette (even better, they are for sale).

Direct Messaging Gifts are quick giftable items, and often immediately bring to mind a very specific person for the shopper. Make it even easier for them to gift the item by adding colorful tissue paper, gift bags, or boxes near your display. Says Loving, “Show them how they can take their feelings for someone else, put it in a box, put a bow on it, and make it a gift.”

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Tips for Success

Consider your target customer and what types of products sell best in your store, and select Direct Messaging Gifts that would appeal within that mix. Also consider what themes or product focuses you have coming up, and determine if there are items that would enhance that theme.

These items are often small in size with an easy price point, and make great additions to your cash wrap area. If you are new to the category, start small by creating impulse buy opportunities with a display near the checkout line.

Above all, remember that consumers are looking for items that are unique and personal, and Direct Messaging Gifts offer the perfect solution to complement the goods you already carry.

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