Buying Guide: 2023 Home Decor Trends

The pandemic may have caused a surge in major home remodel projects, but people are always going to be decorating and redecorating their homes. Shop color trends, materials, and styles that will prevail in our lifestyles and decor in 2023.

Home Decor Buying Guide

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Metal Finishes

Silver finishes are making a comeback, and gold and brass will remain staples. Gone, however, are the days of sticking to all one finish. Homeowners will be blending finishes together to create a unique and personalized look.




Color Trends

In terms of color, the seventies and eighties are making a comeback. Specifically, the colors aqua, melon, and yellow will be strong. We will also see blush pink, but primarily in textiles (pillows and throws) and decorative ceramics.

Home Decor Buying Guide

Biophilic Design & Natural Materials

Biophilic Design is becoming non-negotiable and a must-have in interior design. People want to experience more of nature in their homes and work spaces. This trend will continue to be strong in 2023, with a focus on products such as real or faux plants, the color green, and natural materials to create an atmosphere that feels both casual and comfortable.

Styling Trends

Design isn't exclusive to aesthetics anymore - functionality has become essential. The trend towards personalization means that home interiors aren't going to look so cookie-cutter, and will mirror the interests of the individual or family.


You can add unique visual interest and a bit of character to any room with decorative objects! They can be a fun conversation starter and look great on your shelves or as a stand alone statement piece.


Multi-Purpose Products

Multi-purpose products such as trays are becoming an important styling element. Trays can be used on your desk, on a coffee table, or even with food for entertaining.

Home Decor Buying Guide

Decor trends for the coming year are all about personality and character. Whether you are interested in mixed metals, fresh colors, natural materials, or nostalgic nods, our buying guide is here to help. With the new year on the not-so-distant horizon, now is the time to stock your store with transitional pieces that play into 2023's trend stories.