Going Live on Social Media

Engagement on Live Steaming content is up over 40%! Often your followers are alerted when you go live!  

We’ve compiled a list of fun ideas for going Live: 

1. Host a cooking or cocktail demonstration, share the recipe, and highlight featured products available at your store. 

2. Assemble a gift basket. While celebrations look different right now, they have not been canceled. Show your loved ones you are thinking about them with gift baskets at various price points. 

3. Host a coffee or tea break. Take a moment to connect with customers and give any updates about shipping or new products. If you carry coffee, tea, and/or mugs make sure to highlight those products during your coffee/tea break

4. Have a virtual plant party. Do you offer pots or indoor gardening products? Indoor gardening is becoming more popular as people are looking for new ways to connect with their surroundings.

5. Be creative! Some other ideas we love include date night at home ideas, home styling tips, and self-care tips such as a wellness routine or yoga.

Kris Noonan, an Ivystone Rep in Minnesota, ran her own retail store and did Facebook Live sales before joining the Ivystone team! Kris has compiled these tips for using Facebook & Instagram Live to help generate sales. 

Kris’s tips for Facebook Lived helped a North Dakota Retailer prep for my first Facebook Live Sale. Now, they do Live Sales weekly and have had success selling featured items!  

Thank you, Kris, for sharing your tips and this success story!