New Small Business Feature on Google Maps

Google Small Business

Small Business Saturday. We all know it's a big deal - and with 84% of people saying that supporting local and/or small businesses is important to them, Google just made it even easier for your small business to show up that way in search!

Now, with a few clicks in your Google Business Profile, you can add a "Small Business" attribute label to your business listing in Google Maps, and to the products you sell via Google Search results. Just navigate to the "more" section within "edit profile" and toggle the "Small Business" business identity attribute on.

Haven't claimed your Google Business Profile yet? Here's how

Did you know that a complete Business Profile on Google Search and Maps significantly influences consumer perceptions? For instance, customers are 2.7 times more likely to view a business as reputable if they come across a comprehensive profile. Furthermore, businesses with complete profiles see a 70% increase in visits. These businesses also experience a 50% rise in purchase considerations. (Source: Google Study, 2023)

This new addition of the Small Business attribute can only set you up for even more success.

And best of all? The cost to you remains at $0.

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