Texxture's Timeless Touch

In this exclusive Q&A with Texxture's owner, Andy VanMeter, we explore the brand's inception and evolution. Discover Texxture's distinctive use of natural materials, such as volcanic stone and post-consumer clothing, in products ranging from tableware to furniture. Learn about the deliberate integration of texture in design, bridging the gap between trends and Texxture's unique identity. Andy also shares with us Texxture's plans for 2024!

Q: What was the inspiration behind the inception of Texxture?

As the world undergoes its infatuation with things digital and virtual, we wanted to develop a brand that was specifically focused on the present and tactile. As an industry we’ve always emphasized our appeal to the visual and, more recently, the olfactory senses. We want to try to call attention to how much touch adds to our satisfaction with the objects that surround us.

At Texxture, we pride ourselves on the innovative adaptation of natural materials.

Q: Could you provide insights to how Texxture has evolved over time?

We started with a focus on table top items, but as we explored materials we found so many applications in furniture that we’ve begun to offer solutions for entire rooms.

Q: In what aspects does Texxture distinguish itself from other brands specializing in home décor?

At Texxture, we pride ourselves on the innovative adaptation of natural materials. For example, we make bowls and dinner plates from volcanic stone, placemats from hand finished wood tiles, drink ware from glass that is purposely cracked and fissured, and holiday ornaments from post-consumer clothing.


Q: Can you elaborate on the array of products that Texxture currently offers?

We started with the basics for entertaining: bowls and charcuterie boards with cheese knives and spreaders. Since then, we've expanded into a large selection of handmade glassware and barware. Placemats and napkins seemed like a natural addition to help you set the table. Then candle holders, candles, and vases for decoration were added to our assortment. Ultimately, we decided to offer the dining table, dining chairs, the sideboard, bar cabinet, bar stools, and even a sectional and comfortable chairs - all to help our customers reflect on how Texxture can enrich a well lived life.



Q: Balancing contemporary design trends with a distinct brand identity can be challenging. How does Texxture stay up-to-date on design trends while preserving its unique character?

Our design team travels the world to stay abreast of trends, but our primary inspiration comes from nature. We achieve our best development through working with a worldwide network of craftsmen who are long-time partners of ours. Many times, creativity requires feeling the material at least as much as envisioning a solution.

Q: As we look forward to 2024, what can retailers expect to see from Texxture?

In January we will introduce a new glassware pattern across a wide range of products with a texture that improves ones grip on the glass while at the same time maintaining the comfortable, informal, handmade aesthetic Texxture strives to offer. We will venture into stainless steel in a subdued and practical way. Additionally, we will be expanding our hand-crafted holiday assortment with more recycled ornaments and hand sewn decorations with extraordinary attention to detail.




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