1pt Tequila Lover Kit


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Description: Everyone has a favorite spirit, right? Whether for a friend, family member or just for you, our 1pt Tequila Lover Kit delivers right to your door with three (3) hand-picked 1pt Infusion Blends designed to elevate your favorite tequila cocktail with all-natural spices, herbs and botanicals. Equipped with our high-durability lab glass 1pt Infusion Bottle and reusable, gold-finish, stainless-steel Tasting Straw, you're ready to become the master of your own mixology within 2-6 hours. Cheers to that!Included:1x 1pt Infusion Bottle + Reusable Tasting Straw2x 1pt Chili Blend – notes of salty Sencha, zesty citrus, and mouth-tingling chili2x 1pt Smoky Blend – a matrix of layered black teas offset by ethereal bergamot2x 1pt Lime Blend – lemon's subtler cousin paired with botanicals and edible grasses1x Tequila Cocktail Recipe Booklet
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Min: 4
Multi: 4