1pt Occasion Pack - Garden Party



Availability: Available Feb 15 2023
Description: 1pt Occasion Packs offer the perfect signature cocktails for your signature occasions! Three specially selected 1pt Infusion Blends form the basis for a range of simple, all-natural cocktails perfect for your next Garden Party. Each of the 3 selected 1pt infusion blend packets will infuse half of a standard bottle of tequila (375ml) in just a few hours for 6+ gourmet cocktails (18+ in total). As always, just accent your infused spirit with one or two “kitchen pantry" finishers and you're ready to serve. Simple recipe booklet included. To make it even easier, we recommend using our 1pt Infusion Bottle.Included:1x 1pt Bouquet Blend – refined rose petals with supporting florals, and a touch of sweetness 1x 1pt Floral Blend – an uplifting, botanical blend of florals, fruits, and herbs1x 1pt Mint Blend – refreshing mint with minor notes of lemon, ginger, and Long Jing green tea1x 1pt Garden Party Cocktail Recipe Booklet
UPC: 658580434014
Min: 12
Multi: 12