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1pt MiniBar - Old Fashioned


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Description: Create Your Own Personalized Old Fashioned Bar – the best spirits are of course the ones you've infused yourself! Three different all-natural 1pt gourmet blends carefully selected to create a range of infused variations on the classic Old Fashioned. Store your infused spirits in their own purpose-sized Bar Bottles with your own hand-signed Bottle Labels. Simple, delicious Old Fashioned recipes included inside! Each MiniBar Kit comes with one packet of each of the 3 selected blends (1pt Chocolate, 1pt Smoky, and 1pt Barrel) are enough to fill the included 375ml bottles. Old Fashioned Blend Refills are available for purchase separately.Included:3x 1pt MiniBar Bottles + Writable Labels1x 1pt Chocolate Blend – the true flavor of chocolate without the need for added sugar 1x 1pt Smoky Blend – a matrix of layered black teas offset by ethereal bergamot1x 1pt Barrel Blend – elegant, woody blend with notes of leather and spice
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Min: 4
Multi: 4