1pt Midwinter Mulled Kit


Availability: Available Nov 2022
Description: Over the winter months in much of northern Europe, get-togethers are often made all the more cheery with a batch of warmed wine fortified with spices and citrus. Mulling is a simple and natural way to add subtle, gourmet flavor to your wine. This Midwinter Mulled Wine Kit is based on a collection of family recipes for classic Swedish Glögg along with some new-generation wine based cocktails to take your festivities up a notch. This kit includes 2 full-size, bar-quality flint glass Bar Bottles, stainless steel Infusion Batch Ball for mulling, and writable labels to add a personal touch to your own bar or a gift to a friend. The Mulled Red and Mulled White blends will mull a total of 6 standard bottles of wine for well over 36 cocktails. Recipes included. Infusion Blend refills sold separately.Included:2x 1pt Bar Bottles + Writable Labels1x 1pt Infusion Batch Ball3x 1pt Mulled Red Blend – spice and citrus based on a family recipe for Swedish Glögg3x 1pt Mulled Red Blend – a lighter airier citrus and ginger alternative to classic Red
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Min: 4
Multi: 4